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                                                          Functional plasticizer

                                                          Our Plastic Auxiliary Department was established when the company established. The original intention was to solve the special needs of customers' stable and affordable supply as well as  product upgrading. After years of hard work and perseverance, we have established a comprehensive vinyl resin raw material supply system with plasticizers as the main products and supplemented with special functional auxiliaries such as light and heat stabilizers, lubricants, and antioxidants. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with BASF, LG, BAERLOCHER, Eastman, UPC, aekyung, Formosa Plastics, etc.

                                                          This department focuses on vinyl resin formula raw materials, and has established professional talents intellectual support to provide customers with suggestions for solving production process problems , product upgrades and so on.

                                                          Based on the concept of value service, our company provides customers with integrated solutions. We warmly welcome friends and clients, work together to create a brilliant future!

                                                          Contact: Tian Jianqiang
                                                          Tel: +86-13957349694 / +86-573-88181891
                                                          No. Type Classification
                                                          1 DOA Functional plasticizer
                                                          2 DINA Functional plasticizer
                                                          3 DOS Functional plasticizer
                                                          4 TXIB Functional plasticizer
                                                          5 TOTM Functional plasticizer
                                                          6 UN380 Functional plasticizer
                                                          7 UN615 Functional plasticizer
                                                          8 TM810 Functional plasticizer
                                                          9 911P Functional plasticizer
                                                          10 ESO Functional plasticizer
                                                          11 PALINOL Functional plasticizer

                                                          Tel: +86-573-88181891 / 88180573
                                                          Fax: +86-573-88185736
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